Emilie Zoey-Baker
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Emilie Zoey Baker is an award winning Australian Poet, Educator, Slam Poet and spoken-word performer. She has toured festivals in North America, Europe and Asia. She was the winner of the 2010 Berlin International Literature Festival’s poetry slam Slam!Review in which she competed as the first-ever Australian entrant among contestants from ten countries. She performs regularly at arts and literature festivals, and has appeared at the Sydney Opera House and TEDx Melbourne.

Her poetry has been published widely in Australia and internationally, and she is the author of 14 Children’s Books as well as a Chapbook She Wore the Sky On Her Shoulders, her most recent being Dear All The Women Who Ever Existed Over The Entire Span Of Human History.
 Emilie teaches slam and performance poetry and is the co-founder and co-ordinator of Out Loud - an extremely popular Teen Slam Poetry competition for secondary school students. Whitsunday Voices was lucky enough to have Emilie host this competition for the first time at our festival last year, and we are proud to announce it's complete success! We were completely blown away by the talent of the students and have decided to run the competition again as part of the Whitsunday Voices program for 2019. Whitsunday Voices is inviting all secondary schools attending to participate for more amazing prizes and GLORY! To help students develop their slam poetry performances, Emilie will be hosting a workshop prior to the Whitsunday Voices Festival. Don’t miss out on this one!
Sessions – Slam Poetry. Grades 9-12.
Workshop at CQ University, Mackay City Campus, for Slam Poetry OUT LOUD Competitors: Tuesday 16 July - 4pm-6pm. Grades 9-12
Slam poetry can be anything from a rant to a rap, or a rapping rant. In this workshop participants will start to create a piece of poetry ready for performance in our Slam Poetry Comp held at the Festival at 12:15pm on Friday 19th July. 
Scheduled talks:

Session 107 Thursday 19 July 09:30am - 10:15am; Grades 8-10

Session 125 Thursday 19 July at 12:15pm - 1pm; Grades 5-8 - Cancelled; replaced with a session at 1:30pm on Friday for the Slam Poetry Competition

Session 139 Thursday 19 July at 1:30pm - 2:15pm; Grades 9-12

Session 208 Friday 20 July at 09:30am - 10:15am; Grades 9-12

Session 217 Friday 20 July at 10:45am - 11:30am; Grades 6-8

Session 230 Friday 20 July at 12:15pm - 1:15pm; Grades 8 and up - SLAM POETRY COMPETITION!

Session 238 Friday 20 July at 1:30pm - 2:15pm; Grades 8 and up - SLAM POETRY COMPETITION!