Miki Boyd
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Miki Isaac-Boyd is a copywriter, writer, digital content producer, radio announcer, independent publisher, poet and lyricist.

She writes just about everything (except crime novels, because they’re just too scary.)

Miki writes for companies all around the world, connecting the soul of their business to the heart of the customer. (You could say, she’s a bit of a wordy match-maker.)

Miki also spends time with the elderly, recording their life stories and publishing them into books for their families.

Miki is based in Mackay, QLD (and a long time ago was a student at WAS). She dreams of being a YouTube star, but realizes she may have to brush her hair first.

Miki will run two workshops at Whitsunday Voices this year, exposing students in Grades 5-8 to the commercial side of writing and using words to convey the essence of a message that resonates with the target audience.

Click on the session links below to book to attend Miki's workshops. Bookings open on 26 April 2019.