2019 Presenter Feedback
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Author Feedback 2019
 Michael Gerard Bauer: Thanks to everyone involved for making it such memorable event, especially to Tracey, the Green Room organisers, our transport heroes, my four student helpers - Ruby, Georgia, Stevie and Bianca, who as well as being super efficient and helpful, were great fun – the Sound Crews, caterers and all the teachers (shout out to Dave Cameron) and volunteers. A wonderful team effort. I really enjoyed every one of my sessions and as I have done previously, I will be spruik the festival far and wide.
 Tim Harris: The talk on the way home was that we all absolutely LOVED it! Thanks for the amazing work you did with everything. From my perspective it was beautifully smooth - everyone was very helpful and things worked like clockwork.
 Steven Herrick: I had a simply wonderful time in Mackay. Everything was so well organised - the student assistants were proactive and attentive, and all the volunteers were helpful. Geez, even the bloke on the coffee cart made just the right coffee for me!  I was mightily impressed with the size and enthusiasm of my audiences - as an author, I'll travel forever to appear in front of those students (even all the way from Greece☺).  Finally, a huge thank-you to you and Tracey for your dedicated and professional approach to everything during the festival. I hope the festival continues its stellar success well into the future.
 Samantha Wheeler: Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to present at your marvelous festival!! Not only was I thrilled to meet so many keen readers, I was also so inspired by my fellow authors, yourselves and your fabulous team of students, volunteers and helpers.I hope you enjoyed the festival as much as I did, it was truly a pleasure to be part of.
 Jeann Wong: I just wanted to send through a very big THANK YOU for having us at Whitsunday Voices! We had such an amazing time and were incredibly impressed by the amount of enthusiasm, warmth and the hospitality that was shown to us by the school, students, staff and volunteers. Also a big thank you to our caterers as well, we were very well looked after and the food was delicious. There was just such a fantastic vibe at the festival and all of the students were so engaged and welcoming! You have both done a fantastic job organising such a large scale festival.
 Chris Collin: Many thanks to you and your amazing team for your efforts to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible with my sessions at the festival. It was a fabulous couple of days and by the reactions of the students and adults who attended my presentations, it was clear they enjoyed the sessions as well.
 Aleesah Darlison: I just want to say THANK YOU to you and your amazing team of assistants and volunteers. Attending the Whitsunday Voices Festival was a highlight of my year. Not only did I get to meet loads of amazing people (yourself, Tracey, Anna, Andrew and others at the school and in the Mackay Community) but I also got to meet and connect with hundreds of students in your region … and beyond. What a remarkable job you do with the festival to draw in hundreds of students who have to drive hours and hours to attend. Oh, and hanging out with other book creatives and industry professionals was another bonus. You and your team made us all feel welcome, appreciated and valued. It was an incredible three days. Friday night dinner was a very special experience too, as was meeting Li. I loved Whitsunday Voices and you should all be commended on your awesome efforts. So, yep, thank you, thank you, thank you! Hopefully one day I get to come back again to enjoy your wonderful Whitsunday hospitality. Until then, take care and keep up the great work!
 Cristy Burne: I had such an amazing time and it's all thanks to you. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a fun and loving festival. I felt like everyone was just so welcoming and gracious and went the extra mile every time. Please also commend the WAS on the quality of their students and staff - it's very obvious that the young people the school is producing are confident and able contributers who will make a difference in the world. I loved spending time with them! And the literary dinner was A-MAZE-BALLS! So much glamour, so much fun, such a thought-provoking speaker, so many photo-booth moustaches :-) :-)
 Allison Tait: Thank you all for being such excellent company on our Whitsunday Author Camp. I feel #soblessed to have been included.
 Astrid Scholte: Thank you everyone for the absolutely fantastic festival! I’m so lucky to have been a part of it!
 James Hart: I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you and Tracy and ALL of the team of volunteers and sponsors for inviting me to be part of something that was SO special.
The joy and enthusiasm on all of the students through out the week was infectious and uplifting! So grateful to be able to share in that with all of the other incredible authors. Thank you!