2020 Short Story Competition
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We are delighted to publish, with their permission, the 2020 Short Story Competition Winners.

Grade 3-4
1st Sienna Hume- “The Germ that took over the World”
2nd Kiah Ortega- “The Frightening House”
3rd Jameson Wallace- “Queen Bee”
HC Zara Rose Kirby- “Coronavirus or Grownup virus? You Decide”
HC Pia Belle Ribaldore- “Robot Love”
HC Talia Anne Kirby- “Lockdown Letter to the Prime Minister”

Grade 5-6
1st Maddison Ebert- “The Virus”
2nd Zoe Templeton- “The Forbidden Tower”
3rd April Van Essen- “It’s a Seagull’s Life!”
HC Arhamah Haider- “The Perilous Voyage”
HC Harper Marshall- “The Forgotten God”
HC Ryma Singh- “The Ineffable Tree”
HC Connor Moore- “Battle of the Beast”
HC Rohan Cherian- “The Saviour”

Gr 7-8
1st Lily Paul- “The Grand Piano”
2nd Elijah Warne- “Silent Rivers”
3rd Lucy Sturgeon- “Stuck”
HC Hannah Stevenson- “Anxiety is Coming”
HC Claire Dodds- “A Not-So-Magical Fairytale”

Gr 9-10
1st Penny Zhang- “The Passer-by with the Violin”
2nd Kate McGlashan- “The Way You Lean”
3rd Lily-Etta Nightingale Tomerini- “Hollywood Land”
HC Kelsea Thomson- “King’s Café”
HC Lexie Walton- “Technology Overrun”
HC Joshua Hall- “The People Planet”

Gr 11-12
1st Skye Martin- “Family Portrait”
2nd Maxyn Dorz- “Anarchy and Injustice”
3rd Immogen Martin- “Shark Attack”
HC Amy Richardson- “Children of Darkness”
HC Skye Martin- “Closed Doors