Presenter Feedback 2018
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What a delightful group of presenters we had for the 2018 Festival, and what lovely feedback they gave.


Wow, what an amazing festival! Every element of it was organised with exceptional precision and every person involved was such a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations!
Warmest regards and gratitude. Dean (O’Brien)
 Thank you so much for letting me talk about why I love Australian YA while interacting with so many likewise engaged and passionate creators. You are a credit to our community! Love Danielle Binks

It’s such a joy to be here at Whitsunday Voices – thank you so much for having me!! Everything has been so well organised, the food is delicious, and the students are fantastic. Loved every moment! Thank you! Lucy (Christopher) P.S. Thank you for making us both feel so very welcome.

Thank you for another brilliant festival – with wonderful staff & students (& venues and food!) Love James Phelan

 Dearest Tonia and Tracey. Deepest thanks for a wonderful festival. It’s been such a pleasure to meet with you, your students and all the staff! I’m so grateful for your incredible hospitality, all the ways you have anticipated everything we might need. You are a wonderful, generous community and to wish you all the best in continuing your excellent work and fostering a love of reading! Huge thanks! I’ve loved every minute! Lisa Shanahan

 Dear Tonia and Tracey. What can I say? There are no words to convey what I feel. This has been such an incredible, joyous few days. The festival has been so well executed, the experience I’ve had as a result – extraordinary. You, and this festival have stolen my heart. I made the most of every minute and your hard work, lovely students and their teachers rewarded me tenfold. I will treasure this always and am so grateful you thought to include me. Thank you so much! Love your work, Louise Park

 Thank you, thank you! What a complete blessing and be part of such a wonderful thing. So many generous and fun people – and so much hard work. Thank you for having me, Susannah (McFarlane)

 Thanks Tonia, Tracey and team! Thanks for bringing this sandgroper all the way over from WA. I’ve had a great time, it’s all been brilliant. Cheers, James Foley

 Dear Tonia and Tracey. The amount of love and care and thought that has gone into pulling this amazing festival together just blows me away. You’ve created such an incredible atmosphere, and given these kids an experience that they will never forget. I’m so delighted to have been part of it. Lots of love, Sara (Davis)

 Hey Tracey & Tonia. THANK YOU so much for inviting me to be part of the festival. Whitsunday Voices Lit Fest is one of the best celebrations of books, reading and creativity I’ve ever attended. The atmosphere and energy from kids and grown-ups alike is sensational! Please have me back again! Warm regards, Mick Elliott

 T&T (sounds like a fun drink). Thank you, your kindness and tude’ are top notch! It’s been amazing and the passion here is incredible! Thanks to you both. Thanks for putting students at the “front” of a lit fest my joy! EZB (Emilie Zoey Baker)