Ruben Meerman
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Ruben Meerman AKA The Surfing Scientist, is a surfer with a physics degree and a passion for all things scientific. Ruben completed a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication at the Australian National University in 1995. As part of the coursework, Ruben and fourteen other science graduates toured with the Shell Questacon Science Circus performing science shows in primary and high schools as part of a graduate diploma in science communication.
Ruben launched the “surfing scientist” school program on the Gold Coast in 1997 with support from Griffith University’s School of Environmental Science where he enrolled for a Ph.D. He has been visiting schools as the “surfing scientist” ever since.
He has appeared on ABC Television’s flagship science program, Catalyst, Studio 3, Sleek Geeks, Roller Coaster, Triple J’s Super Request, and he was the first ever resident scientist on Play School. He visits hundreds of primary and high schools every year, speaks at conferences, MC’s events, has published hundreds of resources for teachers and written four children’s books full of experiments. He has appeared on, Can We Help, Sunrise, Today and Mornings with Kerri-Anne.
 When Ruben isn’t blowing things up, standing in front of a camera, reading peer-reviewed scientific literature, thumbing through a popular science book or tapping away on a keyboard, you’ll find him at a beach running up and down the soft sand or drifting around on a piece of foam somewhere just off shore.
Grades P-7